The objective of the present study is the evaluation of a climbing hold following the Normative UNE-EN-12572-3:2009. Artificial climbing hold structures. Part 3: Security requirements and test methods for climbing holds.

Tests took place at the installations of the IBV lab between the days May 29th and June 25th, 2013 above a sample of the product to evaluate, under environment conditions of temperature between 23-24 °C and 41-43% of humidity. The sample of the test was selected and sent by the petitioner.

These tests have been requested by the company PRETOICA, SL. provides as technical documentation to guarantee that the installed product complies with the obligatory requirements in the normative UNE-EN12572-3:2009, documentation referred to the characteristics of the materials used in the manufacture of the hold and to the information supplied by the manufacture together with the product. This technical documentation is attached to the Annex 1 of this report.