Our wood products have been manufactured in Spain, with certified European woods (mainly beech wood) and from sustainable forests. They have been designed by climbers for climbers, seeking to avoid damaging or aggressive grips with your skin.


The surface of all products is in its natural state, it has not been treated with any chemical product or varnish that could alter or modify its qualities, and this allows the natural pore of the wood to absorb moisture and sweat from the skin during use, always providing a pleasant and dry touch.

Purchase and sale of PEFC Certified wooden products by the Physical Separation method.


All of our wooden holds and tools have been hand finished, sanded, and checked before being shipped to our customers, however it is possible to find some small marks from knots or from the manufacturing and sanding process.

Wood is a natural product, so it is impossible to find two identical pieces. The colour, small cracks due to changes in temperature or exposure to wind and humidity, knots or natural imperfections in the wood add value to the product while making them unrepeatable. It would be a terrible exercise of environmental irresponsibility on our part to discard one of our pieces due to these small and punctual imperfections or irregularities.

We are convinced that our clients will appreciate the value of the handmade product.