Adam Ondra

Best climber ever designing his dream holds!

After rock climbing for more than 25 years, I think I have already touched quite a lot of holds. And there are definitely some holds that I like from climbing rock, but I am still missing on the market. 

The climbing holds have changed radically. When I think about climbing in the gym, I believe that climbing holds, and secondarily, the route setters really make a climbing gym. You cannot really make that many variations when it comes to the wall itself. Various steepness, aretes, or dihedrals. But that's it. Actually holds are what is giving you the opportunity to climb up the walls.

When I first met the guys from Euroholds, there was a little talk about a possible collaboration and it quickly turned into a very passionate brainstorming about climbing holds. We were like kids dreaming about all the impossible shapes we could create, new high-tech products, top-notch designs. It was a blast!

Obviously, I can't wait to be part of the process of designing new shapes for Euroholds. And I am more than excited that it is gonna happen here, in Spain. 


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