Sergei Timchenko

This long story began in the year 2003 when a good friend and I built our first climbing gym in Saint-Petersburg. It was not just a random decision, we were passionate mountaineers and rock climbers. 

That is when I started to design climbing holds. 

Hardly anyone was doing that in Russia at the time, with the exception of Sergei Shemulinkin, a cool guy. I started experimenting using different materials and I put in a lot of hours. My experience in rock-climbing, and my knowledge of sculpture and art helped me to be confident with my work. After that, I started creating large packs of holds for my friends from Top Point and Crio, and I began to receive favorable reviews from the leading climbing holds manufacturers. I made some designs for such companies as 360 and Kando, and I also designed and shaped some ice-climbing holds called Intellect, which were considered some of the best in the world. At the end of 2019, I received an offer to work in cooperation with the leading European manufacturer of climbing holds EUROHOLDS. 

Since then, we have turned our awesome ideas into reality. We get on well. I’m sure that together we have a great deal of experience in working as a cooperative. I like working in various styles and different sizes, ranging from the simple, pure and concise surfaces of modern bouldering lines, to the more complicated and detailed shapes often used on children’s climbing holds. We are designers and we are constantly learning something from each other, it truly inspires us and gives us support, especially in the very beginning. 

For me personally, IAN POWELL was and still is one of my greatest inspirations ever. His style is very close to mine. I think it’s amazing that after this whole time, I’m still fond of designing, I’m still full of ideas... I’m encouraged by this imaginative job. I hope our community of climbers will be pleased with my shapes and get motivated practicing our beloved sport.

Sergei Timchenko

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