Toni Sánchez


Klettonik was born from the name Klettern (climbing in German) and my name Toni, giving it a touch of toning and Training.

My inspiration for inventing training devices for climbing and calisthenics has its origins in my climbing training classes in the German federation DAV (Deutsche Alpenverein) as a children's trainer for competitions (Wettkampftrainer). Finding ways to train specific aspects along with my vocation as an engineer were the triggers of Inventor Klettonik. I have spent 10 years dedicated to this incredible world of climbing and a couple in the world of calisthenics, since they are two very complementary disciplines, both do not stop surprising me to see that there is still a lot to develop and invent. My experience as coach along with my profession as an aeronautical engineer gave me a clear vision of the needs to be developed in. There is not a day that I do not go to bed thinking about how to improve my existing products or in the development of a new one. My addiction to bouldering, sport climbing and calisthenics training together with all the Inputs that I receive from this generous and friendly atmosphere in these disciplines, make this brand day by day recycle and grow with strength and above all with enthusiasm. Working in such an environment is not working, but enjoying.

Thank you all, friends of the rock and the calisthenics, for giving me the confidence and the opportunity to be a transmitter of your needs.

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