Dai Koyamada

Dai Koyamada

Years: 42

Years Shaping: 30

When I started climbing at the age of 14, there were no climbers around me.  Of course, no climbing gyms. 

So, right after I started, I made my own climbing wall by myself in the garage.   The photos of magazines were my teachers. I made holds with cement, wood and natural stones. It was natural to me to make holds by myself.  Since then I’ve been shaping holds for about 30 years. To me, the world is full of inspiration. Shapes of natural rock, landscapes, architectures, art crafts and paintings. I like looking at art books such as paintings and works by great designers. I pinned some clippings of them on the wall in my work space. When I shape, I always have the concrete images in my head from the beginning. So the process of shaping starts with cutting and carving the materials to make it closer and closer to the image. I check them precisely with my hands and fingers again and again until it gets to the same as my image.
Thanks to EUROHOLDS, my shapes which just started in my small garage, go to the world now. 
I’m very happy if my designs will help your climbing and training.

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