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Not just bolt and screw-on climbing holds are present in our portfolio, but also volumes and macros. Wood and composite laminate volumes are an excellent complement for your wall, giving you different setups by only changing a few of them. offers plywood and fiberglass volumes and macros from different brands. All of them are manufactured meeting the highest quality of standards in resistance and durability. The plywood volumes are manufactured by
experienced carpenters, and the fiberglass macros, have been designed by our shapers team, and produced in our factory based in Valencia (Spain) following an exclusive lamination process Fibertech® technology, with the hardest surface on the market to prevent wear. 3 fiberglass layers formed in polyester with special indestructible elastomer pieces in every fixing point for a long lasting life. These beauties are the highest quality on the market, they are Hyperlight & Hyperstrong.  Fibertech is the new leader in Macros.Do you need more information? Please write us.

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