The Editor is a tool to create or modify any finger hang workout you want. Tapping on + in the home screen of ‘My workouts’ will open it to create a workout from scratch. If you rather need to modify an existing one, tap on  next to its description (the other two icons,  and , will start or delete it). Please note that you can also edit any pre-configured workout you may have imported to ‘My workouts’.

Using the Editor is quite intuitive, however we explain here below the different elements of a workout you can configure:

– Name: it should be short (15 characters maximum), and preferably unique.

– Description: in our opinion, the most useful description should be schematic and include the various elements of the workout like the rep and rest times, as well as the number of sets, reps and grip positions it will have. The description of any pre-configured workout you may have imported to ‘My workouts’ will let you know at a glance its features.

– Timer mode: you can choose between two modes:

– Activate interval accuracy: if you select this option, the App will give you information on how accurately you’ve complied with the work:rest ratio in each set of the workout. This information will be displayed in the Timer next to the ‘Accuracy’ label (under the progress bars) during the rest periods between sets. The value that is shown is the result of comparing the average of the real duration of the rest periods you’ve done between repetitions in the set, with the defined objective time for those periods. This information is essential in the specific endurance tests, as well as in the workouts based on intermittent finger hangs. This option will be only active if:

– Repetitions: the parameters that configure them are:

– Sets: the parameters that configure them are:

– Grips: the parameters that configure them are:

Note: All the parameters configured in the Editor will be applied to each grip selected in the workout. Therefore, the whole workout will consist on performing all the repetitions and sets with each grip position, resting between them the corresponding defined time (custom or based on previous duration).

To save the workout you’ve just configured, or modified, and go back to the home screen of ‘My workouts’, tap on .


Automatic and manual mode