After a general warm up, proceed to the specific warm up in accordance to one of these cases:

  • If it’s your first time with this kind of workouts, perform the specific warm up of day 1 of the follow-up test. Then, enter the workout and use the ‘weight adjustment test’ to find the hold size making you reach muscle failure on a 40″ finger hang (open crimp or a half crimp, choose whichever you prefer). You will have to use this size (and grip) from here on. Rest at least 5′. The next step consists on finding the maximum added weight making you reach muscle failure on a 5″ finger hang. Do this by progressively increasing the weight on each repetition. Use the result of this test to calculate your maximum strength (MS) which will be equal to your body weight (BW) + the maximum added weight. Use this parameter to calculate the work weight (WW) for the workout as explained in the anaerobic endurance HELP text.
    Once this is done, exit the ‘weight adjustment test’ and begin the workout using this WW.
  • If it’s not your first time with this kind of workouts, then perform many 5″-20″ finger hangs with your BW, resting for about 30″-60″ (or more if you need to) between them. Basically you should avoid reaching muscle failure during the warm up. Progressively decrease the depth of the edge until you reach the size you will use during the workout, which has been previously calculated in the first session. This will take usually 5-10 repetitions, but do as many as you need. Once you’ve got the right hold size, perform 2-4 5″ hangs, using the grip position you’ve chosen for the workout (open crimp or half crimp), progressively increasing the weight in each new repetition to find your current MS. Do this procedure through the ‘weight adjustment test’ that is loaded by default when you enter the Timer. You can use the MS of the previous session as a reference to know approximately the weight you’re looking for. Rest for about 1′-3′ between these repetitions (rest more the closer you get to 100% of your strength). With your current MS, calculate the new WW* and start the workout.

* Remember that if you don’t know your occlusion threshold (OT) you can use the auxiliary value of 75% to make this calculation.


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