– Description: find the maximum added weight you can use to do a 5″ finger hang on an edge with the size indicated in the ‘Depth mm’ text box.

– Considerations: adjust the edge to the size indicated in the ‘Depth mm’ text box and tap on play to enter the Timer screen. Then we suggest you to activate the manual mode as this test requires to do a very controlled start of the finger hang, avoiding any oscillation that could diminish your performance, which becomes more critical as you add more weight. In this mode, after tapping on play, you’ll have a previous 5″ countdown to prepare yourself and progressively load your weight on the edge, which you may not be able to do on the automatic mode as the timer would make a false start. Regardless of which mode you choose, try to follow these indications:

  1. carefully place the 4 fingers of each hand to make them touch the end of the edge (in automatic mode do not press down, even slightly, to avoid a false start),
  2. choose the grip position, between an open crimp and a half crimp, you feel the most comfortable with,
  3. raise both feet at the time you hang on the edge, a good coordination here is important,
  4. while you hang, always keep still and maintain a good body posture.

Perform the first dead hang only with your own body weight and progressively add more (from 2 to 10 kg each time, according to your sensations) until you reach the goal of the test. Make the fewest possible tries (ideally from 2 to 4), resting 2′-3′ between repetitions (the App’s default is 3′ but you can stop the countdown anytime by tapping on redo).

In case you weren’t able to hold your own body weight on the edge indicated by the App, adjust its size until you can, but to a maximum equivalent to the length of your middle finger’s distal phalanx. If this weren’t enough then use the required counterweight to achieve the goal of the test.

Once you’ve found the appropriate weight, added or subtracted, tap on ‘End’ and then, on the ‘Weight’ text box next to the grip image, enter its value. Tap on save to export the result and exit the Timer. On the self-test screen tap on checkmark to save the result. Alternatively, before saving it, you can modify its value by tapping on its text box to set it manually.

Rest for at least 5′ before proceeding to the next test.


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