Make a few two hands finger hangs of 20″ only with your body weight, using the grip position that you feel the most comfortable with, choosing between an open crimp and a half crimp. Rest for 1′-2′ between repetitions, or more if you need to. The basic principle is to never reach muscle failure during the warm up. Usually, 4 to 8 repetitions should be enough, but you can do as many as you need, progressively decreasing the size of the edge you are using, starting on the biggest one and finishing on the one where you feel you could hang for about 40″. In the ‘Depth mm’ text box you’ll find the last size you,ve used during the previous follow-up self-test, which could serve you as a reference to approximately know where you’re heading to.

Rest for 5′ before starting the test.


How to correctly perform finger hangs

Postural hygiene for finger hangs