Perform a general warm up. Then, for the specific warm up, use the ‘weight adjustment test’ in the Timer, which is loaded by default in this kind of workouts for each grip position that will be trained. Perform 4-8 finger hangs with each hand to approximate the size of the hold for the first grip position of the workout. The duration of each of these hangs must be the possible time (PT) set for the workout, using the rest period of one hand to work with the other. Normally, you should perform this part of the warm up using a heavy counterweight, maintaining it during all the repetitions while you progressively decrease the hold size. Rest for about 30″-60″ between each repetition of a single hand.

Once you’ve reached the defined hold size, perform 2-4 hangs, progressively reducing the counterweight, to calculate the work weight (WW) you should use for each hand to train the first grip. Rest for about 1′-3′ between each repetition of a single hand (the more you approach the WW the longer the rests).

When one of the grips require being executed on a sloper, choose the inclination you feel the most appropriate and approximate the WW directly using a decreasing counterweight. The number of repetitions and the rest periods should be the same as with any other grip position.

In any case adjust the parameters at will to avoid reaching muscle failure during the warm up, except when doing the last repetition to find the WW.


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