You can use finger hangs to train most of the physical capacities that climbing performance depends on. By this mean you can develop contents like maximum finger strength, grip power and all the specific endurance manifestations described by their metabolic component: aerobic, anaerobic and aerobic/anaerobic. This App contains 100 training levels for each one of these contents, meaning that a total of 500 pre-configured finger hang workouts are available.

The App uses the results of self-testing to propose you a training dynamic focused on the capacities you seem to need to develop more, according to your physiological profile and your goals. If you decide to follow it, you will find a set of pre-configured finger hang workouts suiting your level that you can import to ‘My trainings’ by tapping on ‘Import dynamic’. After that, you can go to ‘My trainings’ to use or modify them through the Editor.

You can also access any of the 500 pre-configured workouts anytime, even without having self-tested, by tapping on ‘Pre-configured’ in the App’s menu to choose the one you want to work with.

More information on how to perform each type of pre-configured workout is available in the HELP texts. Watching the videos may also be useful, they could help you understand the nomenclature used in the descriptions of these workouts.


Workout Editor

Maximum finger strength workouts

Grip power workouts

Aerobic/anaerobic endurance workouts

Anaerobic endurance workouts

Aerobic endurance workouts

Scientific foundations behind the pre-configured workouts