– Description: find the maximum time you can achieve doing intermittent finger hangs at an effort:rest ratio of 8″:0.5″, to the point of muscle failure, on an edge with the size indicated in the ‘Depth mm’ text box, and using the weight indicated in the ‘Weight kg’ text box.

– Considerations: Adjust the edge to the indicated size and prepare the weight shown in the ‘Weight kg’ text box. Take into account that a minus sign (-) means that you should use the cord and the pulley provided with the R-Evolution Board to use the plates as a counterweight to your own body weight. Tap on play to enter the Timer screen. On the automatic mode (default and recommended option) the chrono will start when you hang on the board and will only stop when you tap on ‘End set’. This will display your accuracy during the set in regard to the effort:rest ratio. You should comply as strictly as possible with the work and rest times as this is essential for the validity of the test. To improve your coordination we suggest you to optionally do an entire set, but maintaining your feet on the ground to avoid any fatigue. This will in addition serve you as an activation exercise. Tap on refresh to start the real test.

Once you are unable, during the test, to finish a repetition, immediately tap on ‘End set’ to stop the chrono. Check your accuracy, and if the average duration of the rest periods you’ve done has a deviation of more than 0.5″ in relation to those set in the test (in this case 0.5″), you should repeat it. Ideally you should try to perform the test as precisely as you can on the first go to avoid having to do it more than one time, and accumulating fatigue that could alter the results. If you are forced to repeat it, rest at lest 10 times the total duration of the previous set and tap on refresh to restart it.

In manual mode the dynamic is similar but you won’t have the accuracy information, which will make the validity of the test uncertain. Regardless of which mode you choose, try to follow these indications:

  1. place the 4 fingers of each hand to make them touch the back of the edge on each repetition,
  2. choose the grip position, between an open crimp and a half crimp, you feel the most comfortable with,
  3. raise both feet at the time you hang on the edge, a good coordination here is important,
  4. while you hang, always keep still and maintain a good body posture in each repetition, and sustain the intermittent effort until you reach the point of muscle failure.

Once you’ve correctly performed the test, meaning you’ve really reached muscle failure and achieved an acceptable accuracy, tap on save to export the result and exit the Timer. On the self-test screen tap on checkmark to save it. Alternatively, before saving it, you can modify its value by tapping on its text box to set it manually.

Rest for at least 10 times the duration of the last set, with a minimum of 5′, before proceeding to the next test.


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